New Riders

New to cycling?

  • You would like to start cycling.
  • You need an answer to ‘where do I start?’.
  • You know people who already ride and would like to join them but they go too far/fast.
  • Buying a new bike seems complex when “I just want ‘a bike’”!
  • Packs of people in lycra can seem intimidating (which they can)
  • You are put off by traffic.
  • The gym membership is being renewed and you just don’t go!

I offer  Basics from Cycling Australia for women. This comes as 3 x 1 hour sessions. This provides participants with Recreational Membership to Cycling Australia which includes insurance.


Here are a few things we hear from people wanting to start to ride their bike.

Do I have to wear lycra?

Not necessarily, no. Comfortable ‘active’ clothing may often suit better.

What kind of bicycle should I buy? There’s so many types now.

We can help you here. There are road bikes – which can now be for speed or endurance – a hybrid of road and mountain, hard-tail or full-suspension mountain bikes, fixed gear or cruisers, and (probably) more! Prices range from $200 to $20,000 for a World Champion. Good value can be found at almost every price point. SpokeSixteen absolutely recommends using a local bicycle shop.

A local bike shop can make sure your bike is right for you in type and size as there are many variables.

Where do I start to ride? The roads near my home are busy.

SpokeSixteen will assess with you where, literally, to begin. Brisbane has many bike-paths, quiet lanes and open roads suitable for you. Sessions would begin in a suitable location as a result.

How do I ride for more than 5 minutes?

By not trying too much too soon! By selecting the right location to ride and by enjoying being outside. Rapidly your ability to ride further for longer will increase.

My friend can do 100km. How does she do that!?

By enjoying the ride and from building the right foundations to make that possible. And, having a bike that fits you.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Michael Jordan for his great advice to get me back on my bike following knee problems. He helped with my bike set up (gearing etc) and rode with me to ensure cadence, posture and general riding skills were suited for me. Thankfully back on track!

Phill Rodgers Phill, The Gap

Michael really helped me improve on my hill climbs, from discussing the different techniques for climbing short climbs (cadence, using the whole pedal stroke and rising out of the saddle) to the importance of nutrition (carbohydrate consumption) before and during the longer rides.

From spending 4 weeks riding alongside Michael, I reduced my time up Mt Cootha by over 1 minute. (Strava doesn’t lie :))

avatar-man-circle James, Spring Hill