SpokeSixteen - Thoughts For The Road - Gloves

Gloves – a few options

Keeping you hands warm for braking, gear changing and comfort in the cooler months.

Gloves. Many options are visible in winter. When the temperature is below 10c I reach for mine! I use thin gloves, designed as inners, but keeps the wind off the fingers and helps me to brake. I ride without any gloves once the day warms up and store the thin winter ones in the jersey pockets. Other options are to have your summer gloves under the winter ones but you may find that too bulky. Or you can store the summer ones in jersey pockets until it is warm enough to swap.

The overnight low in Brisbane in July and August is often about 10 degrees, so they are worth considering even for this short time.

The other thought is not to go so thick that you can’t change gear swiftly or brake efficiently. But, thankfully, there are a few choices out there.